Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion [LP] (140 Gram Black Vinyl)

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      Vinyl LP Contains "Nearly Lost You"!

      The group's 6th studio album, released in 1992, was their highest selling album and featured the song "Nearly Lost You" which was the band's biggest hit. The song was also found on the soundtrack for the 1992 film, "Singles".

      • Vinyl LP
      • Limited time download
      • Bonus Track

      Side A:

      1. Shadow Of The Season
      2. Nearly Lost You
      3. Dollar Bill
      4. More Or Less
      5. Butterfly
      6. For Celebrations Past*
      Side B:
      1. The Secret Kind
      2. Winter Song
      3. Troubled Times
      4. No One Knows
      5. Julie Paradise

      *Bonus Track

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