Santana - Marathon [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, Anniversary Limited Edition,


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The legendary Santana set the music world on fire back in the late
sixties out of San Francisco with their hypnotic blend of Latin-fused rock,
jazz and soul, augmented with brilliant and skillful musicianship of their
leader and guitarist Carlos Santana. Bursting on the scene initially with
the worldwide smash hit single Evil Ways (Santana's Greatest Hits Friday
Music #33050), this first offering would prove to become the huge catalyst
for things to come.
Throughout the remainder of the late seventies and beyond, Carlos
Santana would take the band to the top of all the popular music charts as
the 1979 classic rocker Marathon would go on to yield a plethora of hit
tracks at all formats of radio.
No stone is left unturned, as this masterpiece is loaded with hit after hit
with smashes like You Know That I Love You, the powerful Hard Times, the
soulful Summer Lady and of course their stellar rock hit All I Ever Wanted,
all featuring the righteous guitar of the legendary Carlos Santana as well as
being the first Santana LP to feature the stellar vocals of longtime front man
Alex Ligertwood and keyboard legend Alan Pasqua.
As one of the most enduring albums in their massive career catalog,
Santana's Marathon included some significant album tracks too like the
rocking masterpiece Lightning In The Sky and the powerful medley of Stand
Up/Running. The fantastic work also includes the wonderful title track
instrumental Marathon featuring the all-star percussive line-up of Graham
Lear, Armando Pereza and Raul Rekow. All in all, Marathon took the fans
by storm, forever retaining the title superstars to the Santana franchise.
Friday Music is pleased to announce for the very first time on
audiophile vinyl Marathon by Santana. Mastered impeccably by Joe
Reagoso at Friday Music Studios, this amazing classic truly shines in the
audiophile vinyl domain. Pressed at R.T.I., this brilliant masterwork truly
resonates as you remember from years ago.
To enhance your limited anniversary edition album experience, this
first time audiophile vinyl release is also for a very short time being offered
in a first time gatefold cover presentation, featuring the original album cover
design, plus the inner sleeve artwork now displayed beautifully inside the
gatefold cover.
Welcome back and celebrate the music of Santana with their amazing
Marathon ... an audiophile first time vinyl release, only from your friends
at Friday Music.
Side One
1. Marathon
2. Lightning In The Sky
3. Aqua Marine
4. you know That I Love you
5. All I ever Wanted
Side TwO
1. Stand up/Runnin
2. Summer Lady
3. Love
4. Stay (Beside Me)
5. hard Times