Rush - Spirit Of The Airwaves [2LP] Limited Blue Colored Vinyl

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Limited Blue Colored Double Vinyl Pressing!

Live 1980 Missouri Radio Broadcast

Side A : 2112: Overture (Live) / The Temples of Syrinx (Live) / Discovery (Live) / Presentation (Live) / Soliloquy (Live) / Grand Finale (Live)

Side B : By-Tor and the Snow Dog (Live) / Xanadu (Live) / The Spirit of the Radio (Live)

Side C : Natural Science (Live) / Beneath, Between, Behind (Live) / Working Man (Live) / Finding My Way Intro (Live) / Anthem (Live) / Bastille Day (Live)

Side D : In the Mood (Live) / Drum Solo (Live) / La Villa Strangiato (Live)

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