Run The Jewels - Meow The Jewels [2LP] Tawny Brown Vinyl, gatefold, faux fur /SS


$ 34.98 

Includes the Meow The Jewels album on "Tawny Brown Vinyl", with a gatefold jacket, faux fur on cover, hand-drawn poster and sticker sheet -- limited to 5,000. All profits will be donated to charity to benefit the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. One time pressing so get it before it's gone!

Run The Jewels (aka El-P and Killer Mike) released their hotly anticipated remix album made up of only cat sounds for beats, Meow The Jewels, for free on September 25, 2015. Originally posted as a pre-order offering for their seismic sophomore album Run the Jewels 2, the group jokingly promised to remix the album using only cat sounds in exchange for $40,000. An enterprising fan called their bluff via a highly publicized and successful Kickstarter campaign which exceeded its goal. Instead of backing down from the absurd premise, El-P and Killer Mike have rose to the occasion, assembling a stable of immensely talented producers (including El-P, Just Blaze, Prince Paul, Geoff Barrow of Portishead, Massive Attack, The Alchemist, Zola Jesus, Nick Hook, BOOTS, Dan The Automator, and more) to help deliver the goods.

The album will be released via Mass Appeal Records as a limited edition (one-time pressing), 2XLP tawny brown vinyl version housed in a gatefold jacket, this time with the iconic Run the Jewels album cover hands represented in actual faux fur. The record also comes stocked with a hand-drawn poster and a limited edition Meow the Jewels sticker sheet. This is sure to be one of Run The Jewels’ most collectible records yet.

2015- SEALED