Rosebuds, The - Sand + Silence [LP]


$ 16.98 


After recording some initial demos in North Carolina, The Rosebuds headed to Eau Claire,
Wisconsin to record with their friend and former band member Justin Vernon. Their
comfort and connection with Vernon allowed them to stretch their creative limbs, as
Vernon gently teased out some of the band's most stellar musical performances to date.
With longtime collaborators Matt McCaughan on drums and BJ Burton co-producing and
mixing the album, the band was able to quickly zero in on the dynamics and textures they
wanted, while still feeling free to experiment with new styles and production ideas. The
resulting songs are punchier, more confident, and more hook-laden than anything the band
has produced before, without diluting the emotional foundation that defines the band.

01 In My Teeth 4:27
02 Sand + Silence 5:13
03 Give Me A Reason 4:03
04 Blue Eyes 2:48
05 Mine Mine 3:27
06 Wait A Minute 3:48
07 Esse Quam Videri 3;44
08 Death Of An Old Bike 3:31
09 Looking For 3:08
10 Walking 1:56
11 Tiny Bones 4:12