Rock 'N Roll Halloween Party [LP] 14 Spookily Groovin' Gems! (First time on vinyl)

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14 spookily groovin', chillingly shakin', terrifyingly rockin' gems never before released on vinyl, from haunted garages around the world!

A must for anyone who digs Rock 'n' Roll or Halloween. This is our pumpkin spiced happening and it freaks us out!!

Here we have the best of both worlds: serious rocking and non-stop explicit Halloween exploitation. Sure these bands are all current ones, and Psychobabble doesn't like to dwell too much in the twenty-first century, but these acts know where it's at. All fourteen got that surf, punk, psycho-garage sound, you dig? There's The Rebel Set standing in a Sabbath thunder storm, but when the Farfisa kicks in and the mad frugging starts, you won't mistake them for Ozzy and friends. There's The Premonitions doing Screaming Lord Sutch's "She's Fallen in Love With a Monster Man" like Sam the Sham and the Shangri-Las. There's Nix and the Nothings bridging the sound barrier between sixties garage and early eighties hardcore shoutin'. There's The 7&6 catching waves with the "Skeleton Surfer". There's TV Party doing "Pet Cemetry" in a version that is--burn me at the stake for blasphemy if you must--beats the Ramones' slick original with its extra layer of gunk and Jesse Brinkenhoff's too dreamy vocal. 


Apparently all of these groups have invested in a vintage Farfisa, and I'm guessing they managed to save up the bread by skimping on studio time. Most of these tracks sound like they were recorded on a portable cassette machine. By the time The Sweet Nuthins roll around for the poppy penultimate track, "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun", you'll think Jeff Lynne produced them just because they're in stereo and the vocals don't sound like they're farting from a blown speaker. But if that sounds like a knock, you don't know a thing about rock. 

Track Listing: 1) The Slop - Halloween 2) The Rebel Set - House On Haunted Hill 3) The Premonitions - She's Fallen In Love With A Monter Man 4) Lost Cat - In Cold Blood 5) The Violet Mindfield - Hoodoo Girl 6) Les Robots - The Ballad Of The Galloping Ghost 7) Nix And The Nothings - No Ghosts 8) King Flamingo - Haunted House Party 9) The Mulbury Tops - Conjure Man 10) The 7&6 - The Skeleton Surfer 11) Outro's Super Duper Spooky Supergroup - The Mummy 12) The Fadeaways - (She's) Dressed In Black 13) The Sweet Nuthins - Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun 14) TV Party - Pet Cemetry

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