Robin Trower - Coming Closer To The Day [LP] (180 Gram, download) Procol Harum

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Procol Harum's Robin Trower is one of the most influential guitarists of British Blues Rock!

It’s rare to find a ’60s legend still in trailblazing form from his early days in Procol Harum. While Robin Trower’s peers recycle the old hits or retreat from view, the 73-year-old guitarist finds himself in a golden late-bloom of creativity. Trower’s latest release, Coming Closer To The Day showcases his expert song craft and soulful performances.

Recorded at Studio 91 in Newbury, alongside producer and engineer Sam Winfield, this latest offering is still vintage Trower, but with a more developed sound that doesn’t impede Trower’s ability as a songwriter. Speaking about the new album, Trower explains, “It’s really a continuation of a natural progression over the last three albums.” He continues, “Each album goes earthier and earthier. I wanted to make this as real and as performance based as possible – and not a manufactured thing.” The caliber of the songwriting on this record is matched by Trower’s performances, with the bandleader handling all instruments except the drums. “When I’m working on a song idea, it has to be something I’d really like to play lead guitar on, otherwise I don’t bother with it,” admits Trower. “In terms of the lead guitar, I tried to make it as soulful as possible. It’s loose and relaxed. I wanted to capture something that happens, rather than something that’s pre-worked out. It’s got to come from the gut.”

Trower’s artistic instincts continue to be the driving force that’s taking his late career to new heights. As the bluesman tightens his grip on the long-term fans that fell for his classic ’60s work, he hopes to reel in younger music-lovers who crave something honest and genuine. “My passion for guitar now is stronger than ever,”proclaims Trower. “It’s still a great thrill just to play.”

• 180g Vinyl
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Side A:

1. Diving Bell
2. Truth or Lies
3. Coming Closer To the Day
4. Ghosts
5. Tide of Confusion
6. The Perfect Wrong
Side B:
7. Little Girl Blue
8. Someone of Great Renown
9. Lonesome Road
10. Tell Me
11. Don't Ever Change
12. Take Me With You


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