Rick Wakeman - Return To The Centre Of The Earth [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, new


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Deluxe Vinyl Edition
Originally released in 1999 as a sequel to 'Journey To The Centre of the Earth', the album has been out of print and unavailable for many years. Narrated by Patrick Stewart and features the London Symphony Orchestra, The English Chamber Choir and guest vocals from Justin Hayward, Trevor Rabin, Ozzy Osbourne, Bonnie Tyler, Katrina Leskanich and Tony Mitchell.

'Return to the Centre of the Earth' has been re-issued to complement the newly extended and re-recorded edition of 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth', and comes beautifully packaged as a 180g heavyweight gatefold LP and a digi pack CD, both complete with new, original artwork from legendary artist Roger Dean.

Released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of his landmark concept album, Rick Wakeman presents the repackaged, re-recorded, extended 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' and the accompanying 'Return To The Centre If The Earth'

Double 180gm heavyweight LP of the newly reissued Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

In Roger Dean designed gatefold sleeves, with brand new covers, inners & labels

Includes newly expanded booklet

1. A Vision 2:33

2. The Return Overture 2:39

3. Mother Earth

a. The Shadow of June

b. The Gallery

c. The Avenue of Prismed Light

d. The Earthquake 3:48

4. Buried Alive 6:01

5. The Enigma 1:18

6. Is anybody there? 6:34

7. The ravine 0:49

8. The Dance of a Thousand Lights 5:40

9. The Shepherd 2:00

10. Mr. Slow 3:47

11. Bridge of Time 1:11

12. Never is a long, long, time 5:19

13. Tales from the Lindenbrook Sea

a. River of Hope

b. Hunter and Hunted

c. Fight for Life 2:57

14. The Kill 5:23

15. Timeless history 1:10

16. Still waters run deep 5:21

17. Time within Time

a. The Ebbing Tide

b. The Electric Storm 2:39

18. Ride of your Life 6:01

19. Floating

a. Globes of Fire

b. Cascades of Fear 1:59

20. Floodflames 1:59

21. The Volcano

a. Tongues of Fire

b. The Blue mountains 2:10

22. The End of the Return 5:23