Rick Wakeman - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, new Roger Dean artwork)


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Deluxe Vinyl Edition
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of his landmark concept album, Rick Wakeman presents the repackaged, re-recorded, extended Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.

Based on the novel by Jules Verne, which will also mark its 150th anniversary in 2014, the album is one of the rock era's landmark achievements - a record that sold 15 million copies and rewrote the rules.

''This is the start of a new Journey,'' says Rick Wakeman, ''the original score for the album had been lost for so many years, making any new performances impossible, but after it turned up without warning, we managed to restore it and add previously missing music that was not included in the original performances. It has taken another half decade to develop it into this album and tour, but I can't wait to take Jules Verne's magnificent story on the road again.''

The new, extended re-recorded of 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' comes beautifully packaged complete with new, original artwork from legendary artist Roger Dean.

Double 180gm heavyweight LP of the newly recorded Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

In Roger Dean designed gatefold sleeves, with brand new covers, inners & labels

Includes newly expanded booklet

1 Preface to a Journey 1'11

2 The Journey Overture 2'25

3 Journey's Dawn 3:38

4 Crystals 0:33

5 The Gothic Cathedral 1:07

6 A Quest for Water 1:18

7 The Hansbach 2:54

8 Fervent Prayer 0:41

9 The Recollection 2:32

10 Lost & Found 0:43

11 Echoes 3:49

12 4 Miles 0:18

13 The Reunion 2:40

14 A New Vista 0:50

15 A World Within a World 2:13

16 The Raft 1:06

17 The Battle 5:55

18 Cumulus Clouds 0:38

19 The Storm 2:01

20 The Cemetery 1:28

21 Quaternary Man 4:49

22 Mastodons 0:55

23 The Forest 2:30

24 Ages Of Man 1:55

25 The Tunnel 1:53

26 Hall of the Mountain King 0:52

27 Mount Etna 3:12