Rare Earth - Generation (Soundtrack) [LP] (Hot Pink Vinyl)

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Brand New Reissue Of 1969 Impossible To Find "Lost-Gem" Soundtrack!
Collector's Edition One Time Pressing On Hot Pink Vinyl!

Generation, the soundtrack to the film starring David Janssen and Kim Darby, is a 1969 "lost-gem" that is impossible to find anywhere on any physical or digital format. The original release was quicky withdrawn after the film failed commercially, with only a small number of copies ever sold.


  • Collector's Edition One Time Pressing
  • Opaque Hot Pink Vinyl LP
  • Original record labels
  • OBI strip
  • Single cardboard jacket with one pocket
  • Printed inner sleeve


Side 1:

  1. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  2. When Joanie Smiles
  3. Generation (Light Up The Sky)
  4. Feelin' Alright
  5. Eleanor Rigby

Side 2:

  1. Nice Place To Visit
  2. Child Of Fortune
  3. One World

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