Raconteurs, The - Consolers Of The Lonely [2LP] (180 Gram black vinyl, gatefold)

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Before surprise releases were common, the Raconteurs ambushed the world with the sudden, unannounced release of Consolers of the Lonely on March 25th, 2008, a time when coordinating a worldwide physical and digital surprise release was even less easily accomplished than it is today.


Consolers finds the Raconteurs at their mightiest, exploring what it means to be a contemporary rock band in a classic sense, full-on bombastic horn arrangements and gut-wrenching murder ballads sit side-by-side while the swagger and confidence of riffs and licks for days firmly establish this album as one of the pre-eminent releases of the 2000s.


Packaging details - Stoughton gatefold LP jacket, 180g vinyl



Jack White III, vocals, guitar, keyboards

Brendan Benson, vocals, guitar, keyboards

Jack L.J. Lawrence, bass, banjo

Patrick Keeler, drums



Dean Fertita

Dirk Powell

The Memphis Horns

The Flory Dory Girls

Frozen 140 Swanson



A1 Consoler Of The Lonely

A2 Salute Your Solution

A3 You Don't Understand Me

A4 Old Enough

B1 The Switch And The Spur

B2 Hold Up

B3 Top Yourself

C1 Many Shades Of Black

C2 Five On The Five

C3 Attention

C4 Pull This Blanket Off

D1 Rich Kid Blues

D2 These Stones Will Shout

D3 Carolina Drama

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