R.E.M. - 7IN-83-88 [12x7'' Box Set]


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The singles all come with replicas of their original picture sleeves. Two of them were previously UK release that are getting their first-ever U.S. release: "Finest Worksong" backed by a live version of "Time After Time" and a double single featuring "Wendell Gee", "Crazy", "Ages of You", and "Burning Down".

7IN - 83-88:

“Radio Free Europe” / “There She Goes Again”
“So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” / “King of the Road”
“(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville” / “Catapult” (Live)
“Can’t Get There From Here” / “Bandwagon”
“Driver 8” / “Crazy”
“Wendell G” / “Crazy” + “Ages of You” / “Burning Down” [UK single]
“Fall On Me” / “Rotary Ten”
“Superman” / “White Tornado”
“The One I Love” / “Maps and Legends” (Live)
“It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” / “Last Date”
“Finest Worksong” / “Time After Time” (Live) [UK single]