Prince - The Hits 2 [2LP] (150 Gram) First-Ever Compilation Reissued

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Prince's First-Ever Compilation Reissued on Double LP!
Includes "Purple Rain," "Kiss," "Raspberry Beret" & More!
First Time on Vinyl in the US!

Originally released in conjunction with The Hits 1 in 1993 and made available as both a stand-alone release and as part of the three-disc box set The Hits/The B-Sides, The Hits 2 contains 18 tracks across two LPs, including some of Prince's most provocative singles from the first half of his career like "Head," "Dirty Mind," and "Gett Off," along with huge hits like "Purple Rain," "Kiss," "Raspberry Beret," and "Little Red Corvette." In addition to the 16 popular singles from his first 15 years as a recording artist, The Hits 2 also included the then-previously unreleased tracks "Peach" and "Pope."


  • Double LP
  • Prince's First Ever Compilation
  • Originally Released in 1993 as a Stand-Alone Album & as Part of a 3CD Set
  • 16 Singles Released 1978-1993
  • 2 Bonus Tracks: "Peach" & "Pope"
  • Made in France


Side One:

  1. Controversy
  2. Dirty Mind
  3. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  4. Head
  5. Do Me, Baby

Side Two:

  1. Delirious
  2. Little Red Corvette
  3. I Would Die 4 U
  4. Raspberry Beret
  5. If I Was Your Girlfriend

Side Three:

  1. Kiss
  2. Peach
  3. U Got the Look
  4. Sexy M.F.
  5. Gett Off

Side Four:

  1. Cream
  2. Pope
  3. Purple Rain

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