Prince - 3121 [LP] (Purple Colored 150 Gram Vinyl, lenticular cover, first time on vinyl, limited)

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Double LP Contains "Te Amo Corazon", "Black Sweat" & "Fury"!
First Time On LP! Limited Edition Purple Vinyl!

The 31st studio album from Prince was released in 2006 by NPG Records. The first single from the album, Te Amo Corazon, debuted at #20 on the VH1 countdown. Black Sweat was the second single from the album.

From the different explanations for the album's title, one referes to a verse in the Bible, Psalm 31:21 which reads "Blessed be Jehova, For he has rendered wonderful loving-kindness to me in a city under stress." Another explanation is the 31st album was released on the 21st of March.

The album debuted at #1 - his first to do so. It was his first #1 album since 1989's Batman.

• Double LP
• Limited Edition Purple Vinyl
• First time on vinyl
• Gatefold jacket
• Limited time digital download

Side 1:

1. 3121
2. Lolita
3. Te Amo Corazon
Side 2:
1. Black Sweat
2. Incense And Candles
3. Love
Side 3:
1. Satisfied
2. Fury
3. The Word
Side 4:
1. Beautiful, Loved And Blessed
2. The Dance
3. Get On The Boat

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