Police, The - Around The World: Restored & Expanded [LP+DVD] (Limited Blue Vinyl, first time on DVD)

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Limited Edition BLUE Color Vinyl + DVD!
Restored Picture & Remastered Audio!
Previously Unreleased Live Performances!

Around The World Restored & Expanded follows The Police on their first world tour in 1979 and 1980, as they visit six continents building their fanbase show by show, country by country, song by song. In between the performances, the film offers a jovial glimpse of the band as they travel around the world and their visits to local sights. Around The World is presented with restored picture and remastered audio and includes complete performances of four songs featured in the documentary.

This record of the trio's first world tour captures behind-the-scenes footage and candid personal moments as the band explores new terrain on their fast track to worldwide fame. This fascinating snapshot blends footage of the band performing live with intimate material featuring Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland exploring Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, Greece, France, South America, and the US. They're seen visiting local monuments and experiencing foreign cuisines as they expand their global fan base.

The never-before-released live audio offers performances of songs from the first two Police albums, as performed in Japan, Hong Kong, and England. The passion that would soon make them the biggest band in the world is on full display. The tracks are "Walking On The Moon" (Live from Kyoto), "Next To You" (in Kyoto), "Message In A Bottle," and "Born In The 50's" (both from Hong Kong).

Recalls Andy Summers in the liner notes to the new release: "Like Napoleon, we wanted the world. Out of the messy and fervent atmosphere in London at that time we conceived the idea to go all around the world and film the whole adventure. As far as we knew no rock band, at least, had ever done that. We had just about enough popularity to get booked around the globe. Plans were made."


  • Limited Edition
  • Restored Picture & Remastered Audio
  • Vinyl LP
  • Blue Color Vinyl
  • DVD - Around the World Documentary Film
  • Bonus Features
  • Previously Unreleased Live Performances


Side A:

  1. Walking On The Moon - Live from Kyoto
  2. Deathwish - Live from Kyoto
  3. So Lonely - Live from Kyoto
  4. Can't Stand Losing You - Live from Kyoto

Side B:

  1. Truth Hits Everybody - Live from Kyoto
  2. Roxanne - Live from Hammersmith
  3. Born In The 50's - Live from Hong Kong
  4. Message In A Bottle - Live from Hong Kong
  5. Bring On The Night - Live from Hong Kong

Documentary features performances of:

  1. Next To You
  2. Walking On The Moon
  3. Born In The 50's
  4. So Lonely
  5. Man In A Suitcase
  6. Can't Stand Losing You
  7. Bring On The Night
  8. Canary In A Coalmine
  9. Voices Inside My Head
  10. When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
  11. Shadows In The Rain
  12. Don't Stand So Close To Me
  13. Truth Hits Everybody
  14. Roxanne

Bonus features complete performances of:

  1. Walking On The Moon (Live from Kyoto)
  2. Next To You (Live from Kyoto)
  3. Message In A Bottle (Live from Hong Kong)
  4. Born In The 50's (Live from Hong Kong)

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