Poco - Crazy Eyes [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, insert, import)


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The third biggest-selling album in the group's history, Crazy Eyes is also the group's liveliest and most bracing work and contains some of their most soulful music. In short, it's the fruition of everything they'd been working toward for four years. Curiously, it's also one of a handful of examples of their use of outside help, including Chris Hillman on mandolin. The resulting sound is richer than anything found on any other Poco album, and the only tragedy is that the band reportedly cut enough tracks for two whole albums -- one longs to hear the material that remained in the can. As it is, there's not a weak song, or even a wasted note anywhere on this album, and most bands would kill for a closing track as perfect as ''Let's Dance Tonight.''

A1 Blue Water 3:12
A2 Fools Gold 2:24
A3 Here We Go Again 3:29
A4 Brass Buttons 4:16
A5 A Right Along 4:45
B1 Crazy Eyes 9:37
B2 Magnolia 6:18
B3 Let's Dance Tonight 3:49

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