Paul Messis - Nightmares / Penny Arcade [7''] (download)


$ 5.98 


The U.K.'s finest garage punk unknown returns with a brand new two-sider! Picking up
right where he last left off with his second album Case Closed, Paul continues to display
his incredible grasp of pure 60's style garage-punk, along with his refined sensibilities
as a very good songwriter. Nightmares is a new original song, moody and broody with
ample doses of fuzz to seal the deal. On the flipside, Paul shifts gears and serves up a
nice, jangly 12 string ballad, with excellent vocal harmonies to boot. Both tracks
delivered with his usual fine-tuned, introspective, and thought-provoking lyrics that are
all at once truly timeless, yet very much deal with real human problems, emotions, and
frustrations in the ever-present NOW we all face. The new single comes in a old-style,
classic sleeve with download code included.

''Rarely did a non-vintage act come as close to the original 1966 U.S. Garage band sound....
and the guy happens to be British!'' - Laurent Bigot, Ugly Things Magazine

''If there is any justice in the world, then before long these new beat offerings should be
reverberating out of car windows, household radio sets, and sounds minds everywhere.''
Lenny Helsing, Shindig! Magazine