Paul Weller - Heavy Soul [LP] (180 Gram, 2016 Reissue)

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Fourth Solo Album Reissued On 180g Vinyl!

The fourth solo album from Weller, originally released in 1997, received largely favorable reviews. It sold enough to be the number one album on its week of release, however it was denied this position on a technicality - five images within the album's booklet were replaced with postcards of the images in the Special Edition release, meaning that sales of the Special Edition did not count towards the album's sales as they were defined as free gifts.

• 180g Vinyl

Side A:

1. Heavy Soul (Pt 1)
2. Peacock Suit
3. Up In Suzes' Room
4. Brushed
5. Driving Nowhere
6. I Should Have Been There To Inspire You
Side B:
1. Heavy Soul (Pt 2)
2. Friday Street
3. Science
4. Golden Sands
5. As You Lean Into the Light
6. Mermaids

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