Paul Simon - Hearts And Bones [LP] (download)

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Sixth Solo Album Vinyl LP!

Simon's 6th solo album, Hearts and Bones, was released in 1983. Art Garfunkel actually worked on some of the songs with Paul for the album that was intended to be a Simon and Garfunkel album. However, Garfunkel left the project so Simon reworked the material into a solo album.

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Side 1:

1. Allergies
2. Hearts And Bones
3. When Numbers Get Serious
4. Think Too Much (b)
5. Song About The Moon
Side 2:
1. Think Too Much (a)
2. Train In The Distance
3. Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War
4. Cars Are Cars
5. The Late Great Johnny Ace

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