Our Lady Peace - Clumsy [LP] (Opaque White 180 Gram Vinyl)

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When Mark Van Doren, the American poet and teacher, wrote his famous work, "Our Lady Peace" in 1943, he couldn't have imagined the concept of rock'n'roll, let alone that a Canadian rock group would adopt his title for their name. Consisting of Raine Maida, Duncan Coutts, Steve Mazur and Jason Pierce, Our Lady Peace is one of the most successful bands in Canada today. The band has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, won four JUNO Awards and ten Much Music Video Awards - one of the most MMVA's ever awarded to any artist or group.

The band's second studio album, Clumsy, was released in 1997 and is their most successful release to date, featuring the hit singles "Superman's Dead", "Automatic Flowers", "Clumsy", "4am" and "Carnival".

Two years after their impressive debut, Our Lady Peace continue their rock journey with Clumsy. This time around, the melodies are more comfortable and the roaring rock riffs are calmer, resulting in a sound that earned Our Lady Peace the highest sales of their career. Raine Maida's lyrical screeching remains intact, sounding quite inviting on songs such as 'Big Dumb Rocket' and 'Automatic Flowers.' The intensity found on the first album is a bit more tame, but Clumsy still beats the sophomore slump, and leadoff single 'Superman's Dead' shows Our Lady Peace creating a unique type of post-grunge music. The album does introduce a more mature Our Lady Peace, and Maida's songwriting is far more internal, a reflection of personal imperfections and consequences that help fuel standout ballads like '4 A.M.' But what makes Our Lady Peace a powerful act is their desire to keep it real on their own turf. Many may criticize Clumsy as less desirable, but it's their own deal. And that's how rock & roll should be, anyway.
-MacKenzie Wilson, AllMusic


  • 180g Vinyl
  • Opaque White Vinyl


Side A:

  1. Superman's Dead
  2. Automatic Flowers
  3. Carnival
  4. Big Dumb Rocket
  5. 4am

Side B:

  1. Shaking
  2. Clumsy
  3. Hello Oskar
  4. Let You Down
  5. The Story Of 100 Aisles
  6. Car Crash

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