Old Crow Medicine Show - Paint This Town [LP] (Clear Vinyl, Random 3 different covers, limited to 2000)

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Limited Edition Clear Vinyl- Random 3 Different Covers!

Old Crow Medicine Show - "Paint This Town" - On Paint This Town, Old Crow Medicine Show offers a riveting glimpse into American mythology and the wildly colorful characters who populate it. Co-produced by OCMS and Matt Ross-Spang, the album pays homage to everyone from Elvis Presley to Eudora Welty while shedding a bright light on the darker aspects of the country's legacy. Fueled by Old Crow's freewheeling collision of Americana, old-time music, folk and rock & roll, Paint This Town turns razor-sharp commentary into rapturous sing-alongs. Limited Edition Clear LP inside a random mix of 3 different jacket sleeves!.

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