Old Crow Medicine Show - Jubilee [LP] Eighth Studio Album (feat Mavis Staple, Sierra Ferrell)

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Eighth Studio Album on Vinyl LP!
Featuring Mavis Staples, Sierra Ferrell & OCMS Co-Founder Willie Watson!

As multiple Grammy-winning band Old Crow Medicine Show celebrates their 25th anniversary, their 2023 album Jubilee finds the band producing alongside Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, St. Paul & the Broken Bones). The album features a return cameo from Old Crow co-founder Willie Watson as well as legendary soul singer Mavis Staples and rising star Sierra Ferrell. The result encompasses everything from jug-band tunes to Irish folk songs to exultant gospel jams.

"Old Crow Medicine Show began in late September of 1998 when a monkey wrench gang of old-time string band musicians, most of us still in our teens, left Ithaca, New York to cross the Canadian border and play our way to the Pacific. We brought our pawnshop fiddles and banjos, guitars and washboards to downtown street corners across Ontario, to paper mill towns above Lake Superior, farmers markets in Manitoba, Indian reservations in South Dakota, and out to the streets of Vancouver and Victoria, Seattle and Portland. Along the way, we discovered a unique country sound both old and new, foreign and familiar. We knew we had captured something special... As we celebrate 25 years of making live music together, Old Crow Medicine Show has established itself as America's most beloved Old-Time String Band and one of Nashville's most revered musical torchbearers. Our travels have included concerts in a dozen foreign countries, as well as across the United States where we've delighted audiences from the Hollywood Bowl to Telluride, Bonnaroo and the Newport Folk Festival to Jazz Fest. Our signature song 'Wagon Wheel' is one of the most widely sung folk songs in history and was recently certified by RIAA as one of the top five country singles of all time. Our influence has been felt across the Americana music genre from the Lumineers to Mumford & Sons. We continue to explore sounds both old and new, foreign and familiar, and keep bringing audiences to their feet night after night. The journey that began in a Volvo Station Wagon at the Canadian border in the fall of 1998 continues to unfold in ways unimaginable. Our exploration of the continent's heritage in song keeps on producing. Until that vein is tapped we'll probably just keep on digging. And that'll likely take a good long while." - Ketch Secor, Old Crow Medicine Show

Jubilee focuses on universal themes, drawing on a variety of American folk traditions and singing about subjects old as time: love, loss, mending fences, and getting messed up. Purposefully ragged, the record switches between wistful ballads and careening rave-ups, occasionally lingering in the spaces separating the two. Old Crow Medicine Show hasn't left heavier social issues behind yet the emphasis is how a joyful noise is the thread that connects people of different backgrounds.
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic.com, 4/5 stars


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Side A:

  1. Ballad of Jubilee Jones
  2. Miles Away (feat. Willie Watson)
  3. Keel Over and Die
  4. Allegheny Lullaby
  5. I Want It Now
  6. Smoky Mountain Girl

Side B:

  1. Belle Meade Cockfight (feat. Sierra Ferrell)
  2. Shit Kicked In
  3. Daughter of the Highlands
  4. Wolfman of the Ozarks
  5. Nameless, TN
  6. One Drop (feat. Mavis Staples)

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