Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry Me Back [LP] (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)

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2012 Album On Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl!

Carry Me Back is the 4th album from Old Crow Medicine Show. New pressing on Coke Bottle Clear LP.

Old Crow Medicine Show sound like a prewar string band filtered through Uncle Tupelo via Nirvana, and if they aren't bluegrass by any stretch of the imagination, they are every bit as energetic as a breakneck bluegrass combo. They also write most of their material, so while the group's songs sound old and traditional, they are more facsimiles than anything else, with an attention to narrative and lyrical detail that the old string band tunes, which were often made up of lightly linked floating verses drawn from old country blues and fiddle reels, seldom had. It isn't easy straddling two different centuries with one's sound and style, but Old Crow Medicine Show pull it off once again on their fourth studio album, the Ted Hutt-produced Carry Me Back, a ragged, breakneck romp that crackles with more energy than a thrash band on Red Bull.
-Steve Leggett, AllMusic.com, 4/5 stars


  • Vinyl LP
  • Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl


Side A:

  1. Carry Me Back To Virginia
  2. We Don't Grow Tobacco
  3. Levi
  4. Bootlegger's Boy
  5. Ain't It Enough
  6. Mississippi Saturday Night

Side B:

  1. Steppin' Out
  2. Genevieve
  3. Country Gal
  4. Half Mile Down
  5. Sewanee Mountain Catfight
  6. Ways Of Man

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