Neil Young - Hawks & Doves [LP] 2018 reissue vinyl

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2018 Reissue On Vinyl LP!

The 10th studio album from Neil Young, Hawks & Doves was released in 1980. The first side contains songs culled from session dates between 1974 and 1977. Side two features songs recorded specifically form the album in early 1980.

Side one, considered the 'doves' side, features "Little Wing" and "The Old Homestead". Side two, the 'hawks' side, contains recordings that are the straightest country and western songs Young has penned.

• Vinyl LP

Side One:

1. Little Wing
2. The Old Homestead
3. Lost In Space
4. Captain Kennedy
Side Two:
1. Stayin' Power
2. Coastline
3. Union Man
4. Comin' Apart At Every Nail
5. Hawks & Doves

2018 Reprise