Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Barn [LP] + CD + Blu-Ray (Deluxe Numbered Edition) First Pressing!

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Deluxe LP, CD & Blu-Ray Video Box Set!
Numbered, Limited Edition First Pressing!
Includes 6 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The Barn Sessions!

Barn by Neil Young & Crazy Horse was recorded in a remote, restored, 19th-century log barn. This musical family has played together for a half century, yet they continue creating new music. Neil and the Horse fans have long shouted for "more barn" and here it is: 10 new songs that capture the wild, rock-and-roll spirit, the idiosyncratic raw sound and the lyrical beauty that epitomizes a classic NYCH collaboration. The last song appeared on the last morning and was recorded just an hour later during a pounding hailstorm and during the full moon.

The album was recorded in summer 2021 over a handful of days. The ten new songs encompass all that Neil Young with Crazy Horse are known for, beautiful romantic acoustic ballads, powerhouse electric rockers and insightful rollicking tunes that stick with you.

Niko Bolas was parked adjacent to the barn, in an exquisite analog mobile recording truck, Le Mobile, ready to capture and mix the album on the spot. Produced by The Volume Dealers - Neil Young and Niko Bolas, the special edition vinyl contains 6 behind-the-scenes photographs from the Barn sessions. Available as a numbered first pressing, the Deluxe Box set contains the special edition LP, CD and Blu-Ray of the film Barn.

The film, directed by Daryl Hannah, captures this legendary band in their element - in the wild, their easy humor, their brotherhood, their humanity, and of course, the music, live, recorded in their unique spontaneous way.


  • Numbered, Limited Edition First Pressing
  • Deluxe Box Set
  • Neil Young Archives Performance Series
  • Special Edition LP: 2021 studio album with 10 new songs
  • CD: 2021 studio album with 10 new songs
  • Blu-Ray Video: Barn film directed by Daryl Hannah
  • Mastered from original analog tapes
  • 6 behind-the-scenes photographs from the Barn sessions
  • Box with lift-off lid
  • Made in Germany


  1. Song Of The Seasons
  2. Heading West
  3. Change Ain't Never Gonna
  4. Canerican
  5. Shape Of You
  6. They Might Be Lost
  7. Human Race
  8. Tumblin' Thru The Years
  9. Welcome Back
  10. Don't Forget Love

          2021 Reprise