Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls [LP] 2022 Reissue

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Fourth Studio Album Reissued on Vinyl LP!

Certified 4x Platinum in the US and peaking at #2, 1987's Girls, Girls, Girls includes the live staples "Wild Side" and "Girls, Girls, Girls", plus the track with the MTV-banned video, "You're All I Need".

In general, the Crüe really plays up the sleaze factor on this album, trying to recapture some of the street-tough grittiness that fueled Too Fast for Love - even appearing on the cover astride motorcycles and wearing leather; this time around, the influence of Aerosmith is felt to a much greater degree. The production is too polished to really give the record a raw, dirty feel, but the raunchiness comes through all the same. Again, there's a bit of filler, as though the band knew they didn't have to make a completely consistent record to maintain their popularity, but there are enough high points along the way to make Girls, Girls, Girls an entertaining party-metal platter.
-Steve Huey, AllMusic


  • Vinyl LP
  • 2021 Remaster
  • Explicit Content


Side A:

  1. Wild Side
  2. Girls, Girls, Girls
  3. Dancing on Glass
  4. Bad Boy Boogie
  5. Nona

Side B:

  1. Five Years Dead
  2. All in the Name Of...
  3. Sumthin' for Nuthin'
  4. You're All I Need
  5. Jailhouse Rock

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