Michael Nesmith (Monkees) - Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash [LP] Limited 50th Anniversary 180gm Grey Ciolored Vinyl (import)

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Limited 50th Anniversary Edition 180gram Grey Colored Vinyl!

7A Records are proud to announce the 50th Anniversary Edition of Michael Nesmith's "Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash" album. The LP version is pressed on 180g opaque grey vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve, includes extensive liner notes and session details by Andrew Sandoval and lyrics to all of the songs.

Also included is a bonus track, the 1973 alternate version of "Marie's Theme". Nesmith's time with the Monkees was well and truly in the rear-view mirror and he needed a new place to live and work. He caught the ear of Jac Holzman, head of Elektra Records, and a path forward miraculously appeared. Realising that most of the record companies at the time didn't understand Country Rock, Nesmith convinced Holzman to start a new label, Countryside. Nesmith would run the label, put together a 'house band' and produce albums by various up and coming country artists. Unfortunately, most of the new label's releases didn't make much of an impression and Nesmith soon started to contemplate his own music again. Aided by the power of his Countryside house band, he quickly crafted Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash, a full and final RCA album. Despite it's commercial sheen, Ranch Stash wasn't a success sales-wise and it became the closing remark to a heavy chapter in Nesmith's life, a final "adios" to Monkee Mike, to the cosmic cowboy, and to his family, as he moved further on up the trail.

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