Merle Haggard - Working In Tennessee [LP] (final studio album)

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Final Studio Album On Vinyl LP!
First Vinyl Reissue Since Original Album Release!

Merle’s final studio album features a guest appearance by Willie Nelson on “Workin’ Man Blues”. Influential writer Robert Christgau gave the album an A- and wrote “Now 74 and short half a lung, he’s not making the best music of his life, just the best albums...”

• Vinyl LP
• First vinyl reissue since its original album release
• Featuring Willie Nelson, Ben Haggard and Theresa Haggard
• Lacquers cut by Clint Holley at Well Made Music
• Pressed at Memphis Record Pressing

Side A:

1. Working In Tennessee
2. Down On The Houseboat
3. Cocaine Blues
4. What I Hate
5. Sometimes I Dream
6. Under The Bridge
Side B:
1. Too Much Boogie Woogie
2. Truck Driver's Blues
3. Laugh It Off
4. Workin' Man Blues (with Willie Nelson & Ben Haggard)
5. Jackson (due with Merle and Theresa Haggard)

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