Matthew Sweet - Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu [LP] (Green Vinyl)

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Green Vinyl Import LP!

Glass Modern present an LP reissue of Matthew Sweet's Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu, originally released on CD in Japan in 2003 as a love letter and thank you to his Japanese fans. Recorded at home, produced, engineered, and mixed by Matthew Sweet (bass, guitars, vocals) with the classic Girlfriend (1991) era lineup of Ric Menck (drums), Greg Leisz (guitars), and the genius electric lead guitar of Television's Richard Lloyd. The sleeve art is by renowned artist Yoshimoto Nara. 

In the liner notes, Sweet describes the album's title as an attempt at reverse English: "If I did it correctly, the title should seem a little strange or wrong, but still meaningful! The true definition is supposed to be a 'love you' life, one devoted to loving someone or something, even life itself!" 

"... an excellent modern guitar pop album, filled with great hooks and harmonies and irresistible ringing six-strings." - Allmusic 

"Kimi crackles with Girlfriend's energy, as Lloyd and Sweet's guitars provide antagonistic foils as they did more than a decade before on cuts like 'Tonight We Ride'." --Rolling Stone 

• Green vinyl
• Originally released on CD in 2003
• Sleeve artwork by Yoshimoto "Sweet" Nara
• UK Import

Rick Menck, drums
Richard Lloyd, guitar
Greg Leisz, guitar
Matthew Sweet, bass, guitars, vocals

Side 1:

1. Dead Smile
2. Morning Song
3. The Ocean In-Between
4. I Love You
5. I Don't Want To Know
6. Warning
Side 2:
1. Spiral
2. Love Is Gone
3. Hear This
4. Wait
5. Tonight We Ride
6. Through Your Eyes

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