Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend (Expanded Edition) [2LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, 6 Bonus Tracks, Artist-Approved, All-Analog Mastering, gatefold)

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Introducing Matthew Sweet 1991-1995!

Artist-Approved Expanded Edition LPs!

180g Ultra-Quiet Vinyl Pressed at RTI! 
Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound!
100% Analog Mastering from Real Analog Tapes!

Intervention Records and Matthew Sweet are proud to introduce an amazing Artist-Approved reissue series, Matthew Sweet 1991-1995!

In 2018 Intervention releases Double-LP Artist-Approved Expanded Editions of Sweet’s Trilogy of 90's Power-Pop classics, Girlfriend, Altered Beast and 100% Fun, plus the Son of Altered Beast 7-song EP, which appears on vinyl for the very first time! 

Each Expanded Edition Double-LP set of the three classic studio albums is loaded with extra tracks not included on the original LPs- 6 extra tracks each on Girlfriend and Altered Beast, and 7 on 100% Fun. So many of these songs are either appearing on vinyl for the very first time or seeing official release for the very first time. And for Sweet completists, these LPs are the most extensive collection of extra tracks compiled and packaged with the studio albums the songs were recorded for!

All four LPs are 100% analog mastered from the ORIGINAL ANALOG MASTER TAPES by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound. The original 15-song repertoires for Girlfriend and Altered Beast are for the first time spread across three LPs sides for maximum sound quality and the ability to PLAY LOUD! 

The ultra-quiet 180-gram LPs are pressed at boutique press, RTI in Camarillo, CA.

The jacket art for Matthew Sweet 1991-1995 has been faithfully restored by IR’s art director Tom Vadakan. The three Expanded Editions feature beautiful "Old Style" gatefolds printed onto heavy blanks and film laminated by the wizards at Stoughton Printing. Son of Altered Beast features a single-pocket "Old Style" gatefold by Stoughton as well.

This is the vinyl release Matthew Sweet's 1991 classic has always deserved and the best Girlfriend you'll ever have... Matthew Sweet's essential 1991 power-pop tour-de-force gets its analog due on Intervention's Expanded Edition 180-Gram Double-LP release!

Girlfriend's original 1991 LP release was a single LP that simply excised the last three songs that were included on the original 15-track CD release. Those three tracks were a tremendous loss as the song's final, elegiac track "Nothing Lasts" was considered as the title track.

Intervention's amazing Double LP Expanded Edition restores the original 15-song repertoire to three vinyl sides for maximum bass and dynamics. Side D includes three demo tracks- "Good Friend," "Superdeformed" and "Teenage Female."

Girlfriend's album art was lovingly restored by Intervention's Art Director Tom Vadakan, and printed as a gorgeous "Old Style" gatefold by Stoughton printing in LA. It's printed on heavy stock and film-laminated for superior color depth, beauty and durability. The center labels were printed by Dorado.

"Matthew Sweet's third album is a remarkable artistic breakthrough ... thanks to his exceptional songwriting, the album is a fresh, original interpretation of a classic sound." - Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

"... the holy grail of power pop." -Tiny Mix Tapes

• Artist Approved
• Expanded to 2LP
• 100% Analog Mastering From Real Analog Tapes
• Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound
• Ultra-Quiet 180g Vinyl
• Pressed at RTI
• Exquisitely Restored Gatefold Jacket Art printed by Stoughton
• 6 Bonus tracks not included on original vinyl release

Side A:

1. Divine Intervention
2. I've Been Waiting
3. Girlfriend
4. Looking At The Sun
5. Winona
6. Evangeline
Side B:
1. Day For Night
2. Thought I Knew You
3. You Don't Love Me
4. I Wanted To Tell You
5. Don't Go
6. Your Sweet Voice
Side C:
1. Don't Go
2. Your Sweet Voice
3. Does She Talk?
4. Holy War
5. Nothing Lasts
Side D:
6. Good Friend (demo)
7. Superdeformed (demo)
8. Teenage Female (demo)

2019 Intervention Records