Maroon 5 - V [LP]


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On September 2, 2014, Interscope Records will release ''V'' - the new album by Maroon 5. True to its title, ''V'' represents the fifth full-length studio effort
from the Grammy Award winning superstar band. Considering that career benchmark, Maroon 5's latest provides a sonic summation of the group's
journey to date - capturing the essence of the earliest M5 hits through to their most recent successes, as well as providing a picture of its artistic growth
into the future.
Bringing it all back home, ''V'' features the return of M5's original keyboardist Jesse Carmichael to the fold, rejoining frontman Adam Levine, guitarist
James Valentine, bassist Mickey Madden, drummer/percussionist Matt Flynn, and keyboardist PJ Morton after a two-year hiatus. ''V'' also builds on the
momentum of the most successful period in M5's history, re-teaming the band with previous collaborators and featuring some unexpected new friends,
Track Listing:
1. Maps
2. Animals
3. It Was Always You
4. Unkiss Me
5. Sugar
6. Leaving California
7. In Your Pocket
8. New Love
9. Coming Back For You
10. Feelings
11. My Heart Is Open (feat. Gwen Stefani)