Man Overboard - Man Overboard [LP] (Colored Vinyl, download)


$ 14.98 


Every now and then a band comes along and speaks to the hearts of kids everywhere, as the
true voice of their generation. Man Overboard is that band. In an age when overnight internet
sessions are an everyday occurrence, it's hard to find a band that's grown organically, the old
fashioned way, with word of mouth and non-stop touring while winning kids over one show
at a time. Man Overboard has been busy touring the world non-stop for the past 3 years,
having shared the stage with the likes of Senses Fail, Polar Bear Club, Set Your Goals, and
more. The bands buzz reached New Found Glory's guitar player Steve Klein who fell in love
with their infectious pop-punk sound and catchy choruses. He was so impressed with the
band that he offered to produce the bands self-titled Rise Records debut. Man Overboard is
humbled by their success, but also know that they still have a long road ahead of them. In the
grand scheme of things, it's only the beginning. Man Overboard will be touring this fall with
New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, and The Wonder Years. They'll continue to play every
show like it is their last and treat every fan like their first.

1 . R A R E
2 . T E L E P O RT
3 . V O T E D M O S T L I K E LY
4 . D E A D E N D D R E A M S
5 . S O M E T H I N G S W E I R D
6 . P U N I S H M E N T
7 . N O T T H E F I R S T
8 . H E A D S T O N E
9 . S P U N N
1 0 . P I C T U R E P E R F E C T
1 1 . N I G H T F E E L I N G S
1 2 . AT L A S