Loggins & Messina - The Best Of Friends: Greatest Hits [LP] (Red 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, gatefold, limited)

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180g Audiophile Red Vinyl!
Master Prepared For Vinyl by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso!
Pressed at RTI!

In 1977, after a plethora of gold and platinum rock albums & hit singles, Columbia honored Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina (Buffalo Springfield/Poco) with their huge greatest hits collection, the platinum plus The Best Of Friends.

Filled with their finest rock hits, the LP takes off with the 1972 smash "Angry Eyes" followed with 9 more mega classics including "Your Mama Don't Dance," "House On Pooh Corner," "Thinking Of You" & "My Music."

The limited edition 180 Gram Audiophile red vinyl release of the Loggins & Messina classic The Best Of Friends is another installment in the Loggins & Messina Friday Music series. The album master is impeccably prepared for vinyl release by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music and Capitol Mastering.

Stunning gatefold artwork, including the groundbreaking LP cover photo, new liners from Kenny and Jim, as well as a 24" x 24" poster of the front cover art are included in this exclusive presentation.


  • Limited Edition
  • 180g Audiophile Vinyl
  • Red Vinyl
  • Mastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios
  • Master prepared for vinyl release by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios & Capitol Mastering
  • Pressed at RTI
  • Gatefold jacket with new liners from Kenny and Jim
  • 24" x 24" poster


  1. Angry Eyes
  2. Be Free
  3. Vahevala
  4. Peace Of Mind
  5. My Music
  6. Thinking Of You
  7. House At Pooh Corner
  8. Watching The River Run
  9. Danny's Song
  10. Your Mama Don't Dance

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