Lizzo - Cuz I Love You [LP] Black vinyl, limited edition, insert

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OLD BUT FRESH, BOLD BUT NUANCED. Lizzo's third full-length, Cuz I Love You, is a vibrant, triumphant mix of funk, pop and r&b, but it's the Detroit, Michigan native's larger-than-life persona that stands out the most on the album. Her commitment to self-love and self-care needs no introduction, and her self-confidence jumps out from the opening seconds of the big-horn-assisted title track. The production is rambunctious, as electronic & live elements mingling freely to back up Lizzo's robust pipes, and her attitude, as well as sharp wit are captured in 4k through the songwriting. "Juice," complete with the accompanying viral video, is an easy favorite, an uptempo throwback track for the dancefloor. "Tempo" featuring Missy Elliott is for the clubs, and "Jerome" is another highlight as the song talks candidly about what Lizzo herself calls "fuccboi love." Also check out "Soulmate," "Cry Baby," and "Like A Girl."

  • black vinyl
  • limited edition
  • printed insert

2019 Atlantic Records