Liz Phair - Exile In Guyville [2LP] (25th Anniversary, remastered) 2018 release

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2018 Remastered 25th Anniversary 2LP Edition!

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Liz Phair's landmark Exile in Guyville album. Matador Records reissues the album on vinyl. Re-mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, the album is set for a remembrance worthy of its greatness. 

Originally released in 1993, Exile In Guyville is a seminal album and a feminist landmark. Its legendary status has only grown over the years. It's continually included in countless lists... Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest albums of all time + 100 best albums of the '90s, Pitchfork's Top 100 albums of the '90s, etc. Numerous essays and think pieces have been written about it and the number of accolades piled on is endless.

"Exile is just one perfect song after another" — Rolling Stone

• Double LP
• Remastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge

Side A:

1. 6'1"
2. Help Me, Mary
3. Glory
4. Dance Of The Seven Veils
5. Never Said
Side B:
1. Soap Star Joe
2. Explain It To Me
3. Canary
4. Mesmerizing
Side C:
1. Fuck And Run
2. Girls! Girls! Girls!
3. Divorce Song
4. Shatter
5. Flower
Side D:
1. Johnny Sunshine
2. Gunshy
3. Stratford-On-Guy
4. Strange Loop?

2018 Matador