Little River Band - Little River Band [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, insert, import)

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  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Insert 
  • The Little River Band are considered to be among Australia's most significant bands, having sold over 30 million records. The soft rock harmony group released their self titled debut in 1975 and modelled after American bands such as The Eagles and Doobie Brothers.

    Guitarist Graham Goble and singer Glenn Shorrock dominated the songwriting on this astonishingly strong debut that brings both the crunchy electric guitars, luminous acoustic guitar, and smooth harmonizing of "It's A Long Way There" as well as the hauntingly beautiful movie-within-a-song "The Man in Black".

  • Side A
    1. It's A Long Way There
    2 Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
    3. Meanwhile...
    4. My Lady And Me

  • Side B
    1. I'll Always Call Your Name
    2. Emma
    3. The Man In Black
    4. Statue Of Liberty
    5. I Know It
  • 2016 Music On Vinyl
  • 8/5/16