Little Feat - Dixie Chicken [3LP] (Deluxe Edition) Unreleased Outtakes & Rarities

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Deluxe Edition 3LP!
Includes Unreleased Outtakes, Rarities & Live 1973 Performance!
Remastered & Recut from the Original Tapes!

Two of Little Feat's best - Sailin' Shoes and Dixie Chicken - have been newly remastered for new Deluxe Edition vinyl 3LP-sets that introduce unreleased live and studio recordings capturing peak Feat. Dixie Chicken, the band's third studio album, emerged in 1973 and introduced fans to Little Feat's evolving sound and new line-up. The group's shift toward New Orleans-style funk was accompanied by the arrival of three new members, guitarist Paul Barrere, percussionist Sam Clayton, and bassist Kenny Gradney (who replaced Estrada).

The Dixie Chicken: Deluxe Edition contains the newly remastered album, which features classics like "Two Trains," "Fat Man In The Bathtub," and the title track. Several unreleased session recordings debut in the new set, including alternate versions of "Roll Um Easy," "On Your Way Down," and "Juliette." The unreleased live music was recorded at Paul's Mall in Boston on March 1, 1973. They feature songs from Dixie Chicken ("Two Trains," "Walkin' All Night") and the band's earlier albums ("Willin'," "Got No Shadow.") The illustrated liner notes included in the collection were written by author Dennis McNally, who got his start as the Grateful Dead's publicist.


  • Deluxe Edition
  • 3LP
  • Remastered & Recut from the Original Tapes
  • Lacquers Cut by Bernie Grundman
  • Unreleased Outtakes & Rarities
  • Unreleased Live 1973 Performance at Paul's Mall in Boston, MA
  • Triple Gatefold
  • Illustrated Liner Notes by Dennis McNally
  • Made in USA


Dixie Chicken (2023 Remaster)

  1. Dixie Chicken
  2. Two Trains
  3. Roll Um Easy
  4. On Your Way Down
  5. Kiss It Off
  1. Fool Yourself
  2. Walkin' All Night
  3. Fat Man In the Bathtub
  4. Juliette
  5. Lafayette Railroad

Hotcakes, Outtakes & Rarities

  1. Two Trains (Demo)
  2. Fat Man In The Bathtub (Demo)
  3. Walkin' All Night (Alternate Version)
  4. Roll Um Easy (Alternate Version)
  5. On Your Way Down (Alternate Version)
  1. Eldorado Slim
  2. Juliette (Alternate Version)
  3. Hi Roller (Ace in the Hole)
  4. Dixie Chicken (Alternate Version)

Icepick Eldorado: Live At Paul's Mall, Boston, Massachusetts, April 1, 1973

  1. Two Trains
  2. Got No Shadow
  3. On Your Way Down
  1. Walkin' All Night
  2. Fat Man In The Bathtub
  3. Willin'
  4. A Apolitical Blues

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