King Diamond- Fatal Portrait [LP] Limited Edition Colored 180g Vinyl/ 2014


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First Pressing on Colored Vinyl
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Fatal Portrait is the mandatory debut album from King Diamond originally issued on Roadrunner Records in 1986. Produced by Rune Hoyer, the dark metal masterwok kicks off with the 4-song suite - "The Candle," "The Jonah," "The Portrait" and "Dressed in White" - which finds the band exploring the conceptual and theatrical touchstones that they would delve into even deeper on subsequent releases. The remainder of the transitional 9-song effort is highlighted by excellent stand alone material like "Lurking in the Dark," "Halloween" and "Haunted" and the guitar heroics of Andy LaRocque and Michael Denner. Newly reissued on vinyl from the Roadrunner Records catalog.
King Diamond Fatal Portrait Track Listing:
1. The Candle
2. The Jonah
3. The Portrait
4. Dressed in White
5. Charon
6. Lurking in the Dark
7. Halloween
8. Voices from the Past
9. Haunted
2014 Metal Blade Records