Killers, The - Pressure Machine [3LP] (180 Gram, 7 bonus tracks, 20 page lyric booklet, slipcase box)

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Acclaimed 2021 Album in a Deluxe 3LP Box Set!
Includes Seven Bonus Tracks!

The Killers return with their seventh studio album. The album is about the small town of Nephi, Utah where lead singer Brandon Flowers spent his youth. The songs are extremely personal and cover a spectrum of emotions in connection to growing up in a rural setting. Their classic song "Mr. Brightside" has logged over five years on the UK Official Singles Chart, and all six of their prior studio albums have hit the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

Pressure Machine finds frontman Brandon Flowers in reflective mode, meditating on provincial American life through a strikingly personal lens. Channeling these assorted townsfolk Flowers maintains his position as one of his generation's most effective storytellers, capturing the resignation of a small town where residents don't mind that they've 'never seen the ocean' because the ultimate treasure awaits 'way up high' in heaven... Through these weighty snapshots, the band relies on simplicity and restraint with acoustic guitars, harmonica, sweeping strings, and modest percussion. For fans in search of those trademark synths, sky-high guitars, and galloping drums, there are only a few moments that get the toes tapping (the Springsteen-with-synths of 'Quiet Town,' the driving synth pop of 'In the Car Outside,' and the full-bodied rocker 'In Another Life'). Otherwise, Pressure Machine remains dour and bittersweet. This matured focus on concept and mood saves the album from becoming an odd catalog misstep, serving instead as a dignified artistic exercise that rewards the band's bravery by becoming the most heartfelt and poignant statement of their careers.
-Neil Z. Yeung, AllMusic (The AllMusic 2021 Year In Review - Favorite Alternative Albums)


  • Deluxe Box Set
  • 180g Vinyl
  • 3LP
  • Slipcase
  • 20-Page Lyric Booklet
  • Seven Bonus Tracks - Reimagined Versions of Tracks from the Album


Side A:

  1. West Hills
  2. Quiet Town
  3. Terrible Thing

Side B:

  1. Cody
  2. Sleepwalker
  3. Runaway Horses featuring Phoebe Bridgers

Side C:

  1. In The Car Outside
  2. In Another Life
  3. Desperate Things

Side D:

  1. Pressure Machine
  2. The Getting By

Side E:

  1. The Getting By II featuring Lucius
  2. The Getting By III
  3. The Getting By IV
  4. The Getting By V

Side F:

  1. Runaway Horses II
  2. West Hills II
  3. West Hills III

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