Kenny Loggins - At The Movies [LP] (Opaque Red Vinyl, greatest soundtrack hits)

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Kenny Loggins' Greatest Soundtrack Hits on Opaque Red Vinyl LP!
From Footloose & Top Gun to Caddyshack + a Newly Recorded Version of "Playing with the Boys"!

You don't have to go to the movies to experience Kenny Loggins - At The Movies!

This album collects, for the first time ever, Kenny Loggins' greatest soundtrack hits on vinyl, including "Footloose," "Playing with the Boys" (from the Top Gun soundtrack), "Danger Zone" (from the Top Gun soundtrack) and "Nobody's Fool (Theme from Caddyshack)," plus a newly recorded version of "Playing with the Boys."


  • Opaque Red Vinyl
  • Originally Released on Standard Black Vinyl in 2021 for RSD


Side A:

  1. I'm Alright (Theme from Caddyshack)
  2. Footloose (from Footloose)
  3. I'm Free (Heaven Help the Man) [from Footloose]
  4. Playing with the Boys (from Top Gun)

Side B:

  1. Danger Zone (from Top Gun)
  2. Meet Me Half Way (from Over The Top)
  3. For the First Time (from One Fine Day)
  4. Nobody's Fool (Theme from Caddyshack II)
  5. Playing with the Boys (New Recording)

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