Josh Ritter - Josh Ritter [LP] (180 Gram, Multi-Colored Vinyl, download)

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Josh Ritter's debut album - available on vinyl for the very first time! Newly mastered, heavyweight (180g), multi-colored beauty. ''This album was recorded during my senior year at Oberlin College. We worked in a tiny studio on campus, drank beer that I had just turned old enough to buy legally and began taking the first steps along the road I still walk today... I'm still very proud of these songs and I hope you enjoy them. '' - Josh Ritter

1. Leaves and Kings
2. Beautiful Night
3. Hotel Song
4. Paint Your Picture
5. Angels on Her Shoulders
6. Morning is a Long Way Down
7. Potters Wheel
8. Letter from Omaha
9. Last Ditch Effort (see you try)
10. Paths Will Cross
11. Pretty Polly
12. Horrible Qualities
13. Stuck to You"