Joni Mitchell & James Taylor - Paris Theatre 1970 [2LP] Limited 140gram Black vinyl, import only release

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Limited Edition  140gram Double Black Vinyl Import Only Release!


Something sweet was going on between James Taylor and Joni Mitchell when they played together at London's Paris Theatre in 1970. You can hear it in the recordings, taped by the BBC and broadcast as one of John Peel's Sunday Shows.

Side A : Introduction By John Peel / That Song About The Midway / The Gallery / Rainy Day Man / Steamroller Blues
Side B : The Priest / Carey / Carolina In My Mind / California
Side C : For Free / The Circle Game / You Can Close Your Eyes / The Good Samaritan
Side D : River / My Old Man / A Case Of You / Dialogue (Origin Of The Dulcimer) / Carey

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