Johnny Winter - Live Bootleg Series Volume 3 [LP] (180 Gram, Translucent Blue Vinyl, limited)


$ 30.98 


The late legendary rocker and blues statesman Johnny Winter continues to enthrall audiences the
world over. With his unique brand of blues/rock guitar and vocal prowess, Winter's style will always be truly
unmatched in purity and longevity.
While he toured non-stop, it's no secret that his live performances are legendary. Fortunately for his huge
fan base, Johnny had captured a lot of his concerts on tape over the many decades, which proudly leads us
to the first time 180 Gram Audiophile vinyl version of the third incredible installment of the chart topping Live
Bootleg Series.
For Johnny Winter's Live Bootleg Series Volume 3, the artist surely becomes his instrument in some
incredibly guitar shredding live performances. The blues wielding axeman steps out with super extended workouts
on concert classics like his masterful version of the J.B Lenoir classic Mojo Boogie, Johnny's stellar interpretation
of the Elmore James champion Stranger Blues and a super long jam on the Bobby Blue Bland classic
I Smell Trouble.
Always paying homage to his fellow bluesmen, Johnny also dug far back into his archives for two super
rare performances of the stellar Robert Johnson acoustic classic Stones In My Passway and Pat Hare's I'm
Gonna Murder My Baby.
Friday Music is very honored to be the home of Johnny Winter's Live Bootleg Series Volume 3. As with our
previous releases, these are totally produced, authorized, owned, controlled by late artist. For a limited time
only, we are pressing this amazing album on 180 Gram Translucent Blue Vinyl to enhance your Johnny Winter
listening experience.
In addition to the hard rockin' blues on this wonderful collection, this limited edition LP release will be
presented with a stellar rare photo from Paul Natkin as well as acclaimed music journalist Andy Aledort's
penned liner notes.
Live Bootleg Series Volume 3 by Johnny Winter... Six tracks of pure Texan blues power... stunning limited
edition blue vinyl... courtesy of the legendary Johnny Winter and Friday Music. Rock and Roll!!!!
Side One
1. Mojo Boogie
2. Stranger Blues
3. Boot Hill
4. Stones In My Passway
Side Two
1. I Smell Trouble
2. I'm Gonna Murder My Baby