John Williams- Star Wars Trilogy (Utah Symphony Orchestra)

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Music From Trilogy On Vinyl LP!

The Star Wars Trilogy is one of the best selling albums ever released by Varese, selling close to Gold since its 1983 release and selling almost 250K albums in the soundscan era. Officially endorsed by Lucasfilm and composer John Williams, the outer packaging contains actual stills from each of the three original Star Wars films and an endorsement letter from John Williams that consumers can read on the back of the album.

While the 1977 released "Star Wars" was actually the first film in the epic space story, it would later be subtitled Episode IV: A New Hope when the franchise began to release not only sequels, but also prequels. The saga now includes 9 episodes including episode IX, titled The Force Awakens.

This album includes Fox Fanfare composed by Alfred Newman and music by John Williams from the trilogy of Star Wars (aka A New Hope), The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jedi as performed by The Utah Symphony Orchestra conducted by Varujan Kojian.

• Vinyl LP

The Utah Symphony Orchestra
Varujan Kojian

Side A:
1. Fox Fanfare (Composed by Alfred Newman)
Star Wars:
2. Main Title
3. Princess Leia's Theme
4. Here They Come
The Empire Strikes Back:
5. The Asteroid Field
6. Yoda's Theme
7. The Imperial March

Side B:
Return Of The Jedi:
8. Parade Of The Ewoks
9. Luke And Leia
10. Fight With Tie Fighters
11. Jabba The Hutt
12. Darth Vader's Death
13. The Forest Battle
14. Finale