John Williams - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Original Soundtrack) [2LP] (Japanese import, 192kHz / 24bit master, gatefold, OBI, limited)

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Scheduled for release late January 2022

Japanese Record Day 2021 limited release.

Japanese Record Day 2021 limited release.

The soundtrack to ''Star Wars / The Empire Strikes Back'' has been recorded as Star Wars' first ''Record Day'' target product!
Released in the Japanese version of the original jacket. 2LP. The recorded sound source adopts the 192kHz / 24bit master announced in 2018.
Limited edition

* LP: 2-disc set
* Recorded sound source: 192kHz / 24bit master announced in 2018

A1 Main Title 5:20
A2 Imperial Attack 6:10
A3 Princess Leia's Theme 4:18
A4 The Desert And The Robot Auction 2:51
B1 Ben's Death And TIE Fighter Attack 3:46
B2 The Little People Work 4:02
B3 Rescue Of The Princess 4:46
B4 Inner City 4:12
B5 Cantina Band 2:44
C1 The Land Of The Sand People 2:50
C2 Mouse Robot And Blasting Off 4:01
C3 The Return Home 2:46
C4 The Walls Converge 4:37
C5 The Princess Appears 4:04
D1 The Last Battle 12:05
D2 The Throne Room And End Title 5:28

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