John Hiatt - Bring The Family [LP] (180 Gram, Clear Colored Vinyl With Black Smoke)

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Limited Edition 180g Clear with Black Smoke Vinyl LP!

180 gram Clear With Black Smoke Vinyl LP repressing of singer/songwriter John Hiatt's eighth album, originally released in 1987. Featuring songs like his first mainstream chart topper "Thank You Girl" and hits like "Have a Little Faith in Me". Needless to say, Bring The Family is one of the cornerstones of Hiatt's career. Bring the Family was his first album to chart on the Billboard 200. The album features Ry Cooder on guitar, Nick Lowe on bass guitar and Jim Keltner on drums.

• Limited Edition
• Clear with Black Smoke Vinyl
• 180g Vinyl
• Lyric insert

John Hiatt, acoustic guitar, vocal, piano on "Have A Little Faith In Me"
Ry Cooder, electric guitar, harmony on "Thing Called Love", sitar on "Your Dad Did"
Jim Keltner, drums
Nick Lowe, electric bass, harmony on "Learning How To Love You"

Side One:

1. Memphis In The Meantime
2. Alone In The Dark
3. Thing Called Love
4. Lipstick Sunset
5. Have A Little Faith In Me
Side Two:
1. Thank You Girl
2. Tip Of My Tongue
3. Your Dad Did
4. Stood Up
5. Learning How To Love You

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