John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together [LP] (Candy Cane Swirl Vinyl, limited)

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Limited Edition Candy Cane Swirl Colored Vinyl!

The certified platinum 1979 holiday classic soundtrack from the TV Christmas special. All your favorite holiday favorites as well as some John Denver originals, performed by John Denver and Jim Henson's The Muppets featuring Miss Piggy, Kermit The Frog, Animal, Fozzie Bear, and more!

John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together was a 1979 Christmas television special starring Jim Henson's Muppets and singer/songwriter John Denver. The soundtrack album of the same name features thirteen tracks of traditional Christmas carols and original songs. A Christmas Together is a delightful sing-along collection of Christmas favorites as performed by Denver and the Muppets ensemble. Listen for the subtle lyrical adaptations and the witty exchanges between Denver and his minstrels. This album is definitely not just for kids

    • NOTE: Exact color shade may vary slightly from product photo as the label provided the photos prior to the actual album being pressed. However, this will indeed be the limited edition color version. Enjoy!