Jimmy Eat World - Clarity [2LP] (140 Gram Black Vinyl)


$ 24.98 


Emo masterpiece reissued on 140g vinyl! The soundtrack to countless emo kids lives perfectly capturing the world of what growing up is like... or at least what we thought it to be. Though this record didn't hold up to the standards of the major label the band was on at the time (yeah it flopped) it did extraordinarily well with the underground and has since grown to be considered a classic album from the 90s. The vivid pictures painted by the lyrics of singer Jim Adkins captivated a generation that was a huge influence on modern day emo music. This 2015 reissue comes with bonus songs that were added on a 2009 reissue and is now pressed on 140g vinyl. Comes with free download. New & Sealed.

2015. Capitol Records.