Jimmy Buffett - Songs You Don't Know By Heart [2LP] (Blue Vinyl, gatefold)

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Limited Edition Double Blue Colored Vinyl!

Most Parrotheads know that Jimmy Buffett's biggest and most well-known songs are featured on a greatest hits album called Songs You Know By Heart. Now introducing....Songs You Don't Know By Heart.

Jimmy's 2020 album, Songs You Don't Know By Heart, featuring 15 new acoustic recordings of some of your favorite songs! These songs were voted on by fans, and have rarely (if ever!) been played on tour.

It began as a series of videos his daughter Delaney has filmed with him at home.

Delaney Buffett has been directing and documenting stories behind 15 songs that have rarely been played in concert. They all have a story behind them, and Delaney, who has a background in film, helps to tell those stories.

"The concept was to film dad and give intimate looks into songs and go down memory lane," Delaney told Newsweek. "I sit down one-on-one with him and get an unplugged version of these songs. Not only to jog his memory, but also mine to remember the stories he would tell. Some songs he knew off cuff, and others it took some time for him to remember. It's a mix of mostly popular deep cuts and songs that resonate with people familiar with a lot of the older albums."

Earlier last spring, a post went up: "What is the song we don't all know by heart that you'd love to hear Jimmy revisit? And if there is special reason, please share that too." There were thousands of replies.

The video segments are about eight minutes each, where Jimmy tells how each song was written, the story behind it and then performs it.

This project follows Jimmy's album Life On The Flip Side, which was released on May 29, 2020 on Mailboat Records, and debuted at #2 on Billboard Top 200, #1 Country Album, #1 Americana Folk Album, #1 Independent Album and #5 Digital Album.


  • Double LP
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Embossed gatefold jacket


Side A:

  1. I Have Found Me A Home
  2. Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street
  3. The Captain And The Kid
  4. Delaney Talks To Statues

Side B:

  1. Twelve Volt Man
  2. Peanut Butter Conspiracy
  3. Something So Feminine About A Mandolin
  4. Love in the Library

Side C:

  1. Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants
  2. The Night I Painted The Sky
  3. Cowboy In The Jungle
  4. Little Miss Magic

Side D:

  1. Tin Cup Chalice
  2. Tonight I Just Need My Guitar
  3. Death Of An Unpopular Poet

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