Jimmy Buffett - A1A [LP]

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Vinyl LP Includes "A Pirate Looks At Forty" & "Migration!"

A1A is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. It’s an album that chronicles his failed first marriage, his subsequent move to Florida and making music on his own terms. Tracks like “A Pirate Looks at Forty”, “Migration”, and “Makin’ Music for Money” tell autobiographical tales that convey the importance of enjoying life, living free, and creating your own destiny.

"Before Jimmy Buffett became a novelist, entrepreneur, and founder of a business empire, he was a prolific singer/songwriter and a great storyteller. In the song 'Migration,' which chronicles his failed first marriage and his subsequent move to Florida, he sings 'I got a Caribbean soul I can barely control and some Texas hidden here in my heart.' This perfectly describes the music of Jimmy Buffett, who incorporates steel drums, harmonica, and slide guitar to tell stories about life by the sea. While many of the songs for which he is famous involve a life of leisure told with a keen sense of humor, Buffett is more thoughtful than your average beachcomber. In fact, the best moments on this album are the slower tunes such as 'A Pirate Looks at Forty' where a reflective Buffett looks back at his lifelong love of the ocean and his place in the universe. A-1-A may be Buffett's most autobiographical album, as he sings about making music on his own terms in the opening up-tempo 'Makin' Music for Money' and tells stories of his idyllic childhood in 'Life Is Just a Tire Swing.' As with most of Buffett's work, his stories convey the importance of enjoying life, living free, and doing as you please. This is one of Jimmy Buffett's classic '70s albums that established his persona, and it is a perfect introduction to his music." - Vik Iyengar, allmusic.com

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Side A:

1. Makin' Music For Money
2. Door Number Three
3. Dallas
4. Presents To Send You
5. Stories We Could Tell
6. Life Is Just A Tire Swing
Side B:
1. A Pirate Looks At Forty
2. Migration
3. Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season
4. Nautical Wheelers
5. Tin Cup Chalice

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